Steganographic Message Extraction from Image

Steganography is the practice of hiding data in plain sight, such as within the pixel data in an image, video, or audio file. There are infinitely many ways of doing this, by changing the order or distance that the message bits are stored from each other - but it is most important that it remains constant, and that the person you're sending the message to knows how to decode it!

I have a snippet for you to do the decoding. This snippet assumes you have an image where a pascal-type string message has been stored in row-major, least-significant-bit fashion.

This snippet requires PIL, or its modern fork - Pillow (pip install Pillow)

HTTP Authentication Dictionary Attack

Here's a little snippet of Python code to crack HTTP digest authentication, getting a user's password given information from a captured packet and a wordlist.

You can find some good wordlists right here.

Sharing WiFi Connection over Ethernet Ubuntu 18.04

I found my Raspberry Pi in a drawer, and decided to get back into developing small IoT applications for it. Most of what I wanted to do required access to the internet, and my USB WiFi adapter is super trash.

The good news is that Pi's have an RJ45/Ethernet port, the (sorta) bad news is that my house is WiFi only.

To address this, I went wanted to share my Ubuntu 18 desktop's WiFi connection over Ethernet - however, some of the software you need is no longer readily available, as it is superseded by the new settings app in Ubuntu 18.

What you're after is available through the terminal, with:


When it opens, select the wired connection item, clicking the edit button (the cog). In that menu, switch to the IPv4 tab, and select the method: 'shared to other computers'.

Screenshot of the connection editor with settings opened.

After that, save everything and connect your cable if you haven't already, and DHCP should kick-in and set everything up for you!

You could even connect a switch or hub and share the connection further, if you wanted.

Note that if you need to get the IP address of the connection, you can use ifconfig. You'll only need this if DHCP doesn't automatically configure everything.


Debounce API Requests in a JS Class

I have a react application that needs to access an API endpoint on the client side - which is hit when a user clicks on a button, as well as...