Hi, my name is Matt Crook, and I’m really into development of all sorts of projects; from web to desktop and mobile!

I’m also a student at the University of Auckland, studying computer science and information systems.

My first taste of coding I got when I was about 10, when I had a website on Yola - a drag-and-drop site builder. I would insert HTML iframes for other sites, essentially making a dashboard of sorts for all my daily tasks like checking my hotmail and playing Runescape (it was a different time). I had several pages which I lost edit access to due to redirects because I embedded an SSL site - there were many “new new new new email” pages.

But I eventually discovered a little thing called PHP, and I was so totally hooked - I got some basic free hosting on a now-defunct service called ‘Azok’ (R.I.P.), and followed some tutorials I found on YouTube. Most of these had something related to my current interest which was, of course, Minecraft. You bet your ass I had a Minecraft server, what 13-14 year-old didn’t?

So I built some things to manage the server, display its status on a Wordpress site I was using to advertise it, and I even built an online item store from scratch, where people could buy items for use in-game. The currency was based on the time they spent playing on the server, how creative!

Now that I’m a little older, and understand programming a little better, I’ve moved on to the more complex c-based languages such as C# and C/++. But, like most people, I end up doing most of my work in Node.js and Python, because it’s quicker to develop in.